Welcome to Keiki Cupboard!

Welcome to Keiki Cupboard’s January Board Meeting

Keiki Cupboard is a 501(c)3  non-profit organization dedicated to providing essentials to Maui’s school children. We believe that no child should lack the basic necessities needed for school.Imagine a child who wakes up knowing he will head off to school without any school supplies, for whatever reason, but usually because his parents can’t afford them.  How much courage does it take to get up, get dressed, and head off to school anyway, empty handed?  This courageous young person is who inspires and drives us.  Keiki Cupboard has been providing school supplies for long enough in 14 schools now, to have gathered a few FAQ’s and one request from these young people.

 How it works:
 Keiki Cupboard is a storage unit or Cupboard on each campus, filled with ten of every single item required for students by  the school.  The children who receive supplies out of the Cupboard are discovered by the adults in their midst: teachers, counselors, PCNCs, nurses and aides.   In the quiet privacy of the office where the Cupboard is located, the child is handed a  new backpack, and watches as the adult pulls the supplies for his class out of row upon row of new stacked items.
At this point, the questions begin.
First, with a lot of anxiety, “Do my parents have to pay?”
Answer:  “No.” is met with  relief.
Second question:  “Can I take them home?”
Answer: “Yes, they are yours.”   More relief.
Then, a thoughtful silence, followed by:  “Leave some for the others.”
Thanks to you, dear supporter, there will always be “some for the others.”