Real Life Stories

After the tsunami hit in March 2011, a 6th grader, who was living on the beach with her family, lost all of her belongings. The very next day this student was identified and brought to the counseling department where they provided all she needed from Keiki Cupboard.

These shoes were noticed by a school counselor on a student that came to school wearing them.

Keiki Cupboard provides for children

Not only are the shoes made for an adult, the soles were virtually missing. It was raining that day, water just filled the shoes from the bottom.

This child could have been considered “out of uniform,” but the school counselor went to the school’s Keiki Cupboard and was to be able to provide him with a shoe coupon, on the spot. The boy was able to purchase new shoes that fit and complied with the school’s dress code.

A homeless student was missing basic supplies needed for school (pencil, paper, backpack, etc.) Keiki Cupboard was able to supply him with these basic items so that he could participate in his education. He was so excited to receive these “prizes” that this is the “thank you” letter he wrote.

Thank you to Keiki Cupboard

These are just a couple of the real life stories our volunteers and school staff have come across. It feels good to be able to meet these needs immediately and without shame from the Keiki Cupboard.


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